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About "The Debug"

Welcome to "The Debug," your source for real-world insights on Engineering Leadership. I'm Steve, the founder and author of this publication. With over 15 years of experience in the tech industry, spanning IT Operations, Data Centers, IT Infrastructure, and Software Engineering, I've successfully worn many hats and learned invaluable lessons along the way.

But who am I beyond my professional achievements? I'm someone who takes pride in helping individuals grow, build confidence, and achieve their goals. It's not just about technology; it's about the people and their ingenuity that drive progress. Technology is merely a tool to empower us to solve complex problems.

Why "The Debug"?

I have a deep passion for writing. It's where I organize my thoughts, develop creative ideas, and solidify my learning. Recently, I've been contemplating how I can expand my impact beyond the immediate teams and organizations I work with. While solving problems within these circles has been fulfilling, I believe there's more I can share.

"The Debug" is my platform to share real-world experiences, challenges, and solutions, all with the aim to inspire others. I'm here to connect with you, start conversations, and learn from those who have faced similar challenges. Your engagement and feedback mean the world to me.

What to Expect

I'm committed to delivering weekly insights on relevant and interesting experiences in my role as an Engineering Leader. You can expect candid commentary, practical tools, challenges to industry norms, and fresh ideas. Whether you aspire to advance in Engineering, work in Tech, or are already an Engineering Leader, this publication will offer valuable insights, broaden your perspectives, and equip you with tools for your career journey.

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